A very quick Wordplay entry as I'm waiting for Mr. Clean to get home so we can go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean. Woo hoo, Johnny Depp and a very small popcorn!

E is for...

Energy - Because I need some. If only they sold extra energy at the grocery store, all pretty and pre-packaged, sitting right next to my coffee. Oh wait. They sort of already do that - energy drinks. I can't count them, though. They're blech! gross. Hawaiian punch on steriods. What I need is a little battery boost to my system at, say, about 7pm every evening.

Enter - Just once I'd love to be known for saying "You may enter" instead of "Get out! Get out!" My spawnlings have boundary issues. i.e. they are constantly busting through my bedroom door to come talk to me while I'm ahhh indisposed (or getting dressed). And then there's the whole let's-bug-Mom-while-she's-writing thing. This past weekend, the MOMENT I pulled up my WIP, Shaggy came in and stood just over my shoulder, waiting for me to see him and ask, "What?" I try so hard to ignore but two minutes later BabySis called. Poor kiddo. She got the bulk of my frustration.

Exterminate - I'd really like to exterminate all manner of scorpions. While we have not had as many this summer as usual (knock on wood), nothing is creepier than sitting on the couch while watching a movie and seeing one of these little suckers scrabble across the wood floor, lit only by the light of the TV screen. They seriously skeeve me out.

Eggplant - One word - Ewwww.

Entertain - My favorite shirt of all time is one we bought for Doodlebug. I want one. It says: "Entertain me, I'm bored." That should be my mantra.

Expense - a dirty word. Unless it occurs just before the word "check".

Elliptical - I think I'd really like to have one of these machines but I have no room and Mr. Clean would insist upon getting rid of the treadmill first. But I use the treadmill! I don't like it very much as it's currently causing all sorts of pain issues with my ankle (amazingly Not the one I injured most recently)... but I'm afraid to get rid of it. We'd never get the bucks we put into it. AND, I'm currently paying for a gym membership I'm not using. Not that I don't Want to use it, mind. The gym is 25 minutes away and after a while... the drive just gets to be very frustrating - one of the downfalls of living in the country as opposed to the city.

Elevators - freak me out just a little, especially riding with someone who enjoys jumping up and down in them! (yes, Daddy, I'm talking about YOU)

Express - I love Express lanes of every sort. I hate people who use Express lanes when they shouldn't!

End - I'm bouncing around on my toes (internally) in anticipation of writing 'The End' on my WIP. It's going to take a bit yet, but I'll get there. Hopefully by the end of the summer!

Everywhere - are people to watch and plots to hatch.

Example - I grew up hearing this word, often. As the oldest of 4, it was always my Job to be the example for the younger girls. Not that the expectation made me a good one, mind, but the reminder was always there - repeated fifty times a day. The first time I ever uttered the words - "You have to be a good example for Doodlebug"... I wanted to cry. I hate saying it, but unfortunately it's true that everything Shaggy does, Doodlebug watches, studies, notates, and then emulates. Still, I try to find more inventive ways to state it without using that exact word!

I'm going to leave it at that. Mr. Clean just arrived and I'm missing a Doodlebug (not sure if he's arrived back from going with his Grandpa to take CaliGirl to the next stop on her Texas trip). Off to the movies (and Johnny Depp! Yum!).

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  1. Farm Girl Says:

    I hope you love the movie. Small popcorn = big price. Have fun!!!