DebR over at Red Shoe Ramblings posted this Meme and since I’m such a list junky, I couldn’t resist doing my own.

Accent – I grew up in Southeast Texas but in a family full of Europeans with accents ranging from barely perceptible German (my Dad) to extremely heavy Hungarian (my Papa). My Mema had a broad German accent (Bavarian). So. Strangely enough, I have been accused of sounding like I’m from New York during casual conversation – to which I say, “WHAT?”. When I’m ticked, though, it’s all Texan drawl. The downside to all this: In my head, I have a southern writing voice but I don’t think it quite makes it to the paper so I haven’t found my writing niche, voice-wise, just yet.

Booze – I’m a picky, picky wine drinker. There is only one red that I can stand – it’s called Egri Bull’s Blood (Hungarian Bull’s Blood). Horrid name, nice blended dry red. My favorite white is Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc. I enjoy some of the wines from a nearby winery here, called Messina Hof. In my fridge just now is a 4 pack of Cappuccino Vodka. I like those! When I’m out at a bar, I’m usually drinking Malibu rum & cranberry or Vodka & cranberry. When we have a Grill & Chill with friends, I make pitchers of slush made with cranberry, pineapple, and maraschino cherry juices mixed with rum. Everyone loves it. Sweet, tart, and you’re schnockered before you know it. Heh.

Chore I Hate – anything to do with bathrooms. I also will not touch anything in the kitchen sink if there is a speck of food visible. Leftover bits of food in the drain will send me into paroxysms of “Ewwww!”

Dog/Cat – 2 dogs (Miniature Australian Shepherds) and 1 Psychotic Cat (a Tortie, of course). Also have a horse, a guinea pig, and some fish. We used to have German Shepherds. Love the breed, hate all the problems due to over-breeding.

Essential Electronics – My laptop and my iPod. I can’t make do without them. DVD player is a nicety more than an essential. My cell phone. I feel a bit nekkid without my cell phone.

Favorite Perfume – Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar. It’s all I’ll wear. I should buy stock in the company for all the product I get. If they ever discontinue this line, I will cry.

Gold/Silver – Always silver, unless it’s white gold. I have an intense dislike to yellow gold.

Hometown – Born in Houston, Texas; raised in Cypress, Texas.

Insomnia – Umm, always? I have an extremely difficult time getting my brain to shut down. Normally, I go to bed and then think of something wildly brilliant so I get back up and write it down. Then I go back to bed and my brain starts working on how that wildly brilliant piece will fit here! Or there! Or… no, over there! If I finally Do get to sleep, I dream about it. Dog help me if I have something big going on the next day. I’ll wake up half a dozen times as my brain ticks off my To-Do list with things I’ve forgotten.

Job Title – The day job: Customer Satisfaction Administrator. Everything else – Mom, Writer, Wife Extraordinaire.

Kid(s) – Two spawnling boys, 14 and 8. They’re so awesome. Just when I think I can’t love them any bigger, they do something that fills my heart to bursting.

Living Arrangements – Mobile Home which we’ve completely re-done with wood floors, etc. on 11 acres and our dream house in the works (planning/loan stage just now).

Most Admirable Trait – I’d have to say my tenacity and my ability to remain unbiased in difficult situations. I'm the one everyone comes to with problems because they know I'll give them blunt honesty, even if they're the wrong party. I don't do candy-coated.

Number of Countries Visited – I’ve visited three countries so far, not counting the U.S. – Jamaica, England, and Scotland. My favorite - Scotland. My "Want to Visit" - Ireland, Hungary, Germany, and Italy. I'm tying to talk my sisters into a Tuscan villa for a week or two as a sister-only trip... something we've never attempted.

Overnight Hospital Stays – Two; for the birth of my children. I ended up with C-Sections for both so had a couple of nights each. Luckily, I had a very nice hospital whose L&D floor was Sweeeet.

Phobias – I’m scared to death of falling. I have nutso difficult time simply driving over highly-elevated freeway passes. You know, the ones that seem to Soar above all others. I just KNOW someone will hit us and we’ll go careening over the edge. The fear of falling impedes itself on everything else too. I can climb up to a roof but then can’t get down, etc. Also – Roaches. Dear Dog, do not get a roach near me. Where I grew up, we had 3 inch long tree roaches. That could FLY. My house had 30’ ceilings in the living room and those suckers would get inside and then Dive Bomb us while we watched scary movies with the lights out. It was traumatizing to say the least. And BEES. I have a deathly irrational fear of bees (re: anything that flies and stings).

Quote – My current favorite: “Always behave like a duck – keep calm and unruffled on the surface but paddle like the devil underneath” (Jacob M. Braude)

Religion – I don’t deal in organized religion. That being said, I was baptized Presbyterian, married Catholic, and, at one time, practiced Buddhism. I’m everything and nothing. Spiritual but not “Religious”.

Siblings – Three sisters, all younger – GypsyRose (30), Pixie (25), and BabySis (23). Then there’s my sister of the heart – Wahoo. No brothers, though I always wanted one. Two of my Mom’s baby brothers grew up in our household and they were like my own brothers. In other words, they tortured me and ran off all prospective boyfriends.

Time I Usually Wake – Around 9:00 a.m. during the week, unless I’m going into the office; then it’s 7:00 a.m. 10:00 a.m. on weekends unless I have somewhere special to go.

Unusual Talent – I didn’t think I had one so I asked Mr. Clean. He reminded me that I have the unusual talent of ripping someone a new one without them realizing I’ve done so. Indeed, the recipients often thank me afterwards. It’s very strange.

Vegetables I Refuse to Eat – Zucchini and Eggplant. I grew up with the rule that I couldn’t turn my nose up at Anything edible until I’d tried it. Well, I’ve tried these, cooked multiple ways, and I do not like them, Sam I Am. I’d rather have Green Eggs & Ham.

Worst Habit – Smoking. What’s worse is that I’ve wrapped it up with the process of writing so in order to quit I have to find a new habit to replace it. With the looming tax on cigs, I see quitting in my very near future.

X-Rays – Umm, lots. My ankles – at least 6 times between the two of them. My big toe – which ended up revealing that the foot side of the joint had been fractured many years ago by a horse stepping on it. I didn’t realize it at the time, but have always had an ache there during bad/cold weather. I’m the poster child for why you don’t walk barefoot around horses. I had my elbow x-rayed last year after a particularly nasty launch off my (at that time) green-broke horse. Nothing broken, but a deep bruise on my funny bone. Amazingly, I’ve never broken a bone. I don’t count the toe because I didn’t find out I’d broken it until 17 years later and I don't count the tiny chip on one ankle (also a horse stepping on me after it threw me... well, a pony. She was a handful).

Yummy Foods I Make – Everything. I have a giant hot air balloon sized ego when it comes to my cooking. My favorite dish to make – Chicken Tortilla Soup. My kids’ favorites – Breakfast for Dinner, Lasagna (both Italian and Mexican), and Verde Chicken Enchilada Pie. My newest creation in the works – Chicken Souvlaki Pizza.

Zodiac – Taurus Sun, Scorpio Moon, and Leo Ascendant. Some of what my astrology says, which is dead on: You have a very strong and passionate nature that knows what it wants and how to get it. You are very headstrong, self-willed, and independent. You are romantic and sentimental, but sometimes a little foolhardy. You appreciate what people do for you, and you are a devoted friend who will remember and repay a kindness. Your personality is on the dramatic side. Me in a nutshell.
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  1. Deb R Says:

    That was fun to read your answers! Two things I have to mention - your slush drink sounds TOO good and I want to put myself up for adoption into your family so I can go on the sisters-only trip to a Tuscan villa. That exact thing is way toward the top of places I'd love to go.