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I’m a flitty, floaty butterfly type person, always on the move from flower to flower, forever entranced by that new shiny one Just. Over. There. And so it was, I missed this post on Laume’s blog, Beach Treasure. You see, my attention has been held captive lately by Miss Snark, The Sarcastic Journalist, and Dad Gone Mad. All quite entertaining… and all taking up every moment of my free time.

I’ve left Laume a request to be added to the official WordPlay list but since I have some serious catching up to do, I figure I’ll just start now and add the blog icon doohickey later.

So. The idea of WordPlay is to think of all the words beginning with a specific letter that are somehow special to you and then explain why. Without further ado…

A is for…

Accismus (ak-SIZ-muhs) – I came across this word thanks to A Word A Day. Definition: Feigning disinterest in something while actually desiring it. That would be me. I do this quite often. It’s a habit brought on by necessity, though. You see, my Mr. Clean spoils me. Rotten. Too much so. If I look at something and say, “Oh, I really like that,” it will invariably end up in my hands within a couple of weeks – budget be damned. In order to stay a few steps shy of bankruptcy, I’ve had to intertwine a little accismus into my personality. It’s painful.

Arse – because I can’t say it and keep a straight face. When Mr. Clean and I went to Scotland, I wore a perpetual grin at pubs because I kept hearing it.

Ace – I always try to have one of these up my sleeve. Figuratively!

Author – One of these days, when someone asks what I do for a living, I’ll be able to say, “I’m an author.”

Argumentative – I am. I don’t mean to be, unless it’s in the capacity of friendly debate. Then, I’m darn good at it. When it’s not friendly debate, I’m just a pain in the hind parts. Sometimes, I catch myself arguing just for the sake of arguing. Mr. Clean is not overly appreciative of this personality trait.

Accelerate – I’m one of those impatient Go! Go! Go! people when it comes to getting things done... a pedal to the metal, quit stalling and haul ass kinda girl. Not surprising to find that sometimes I speed, too.

Amber – One of my favorite things in the world to wear. I love Cognac Amber (the deep, dark kind) the best. Expensive, but oh so worth it.

Angst – it seems to come out quite a bit in my writing, or so I’m told. I like to read angst. It would figure I’d end up writing it. I had a LOT of teenage angst growing up (who didn’t). It’ll be great fodder for future plot ideas, I’m sure.

Argh! – One of my favorite expressions.

Alcohol – We have an interesting history. No, I’m not an alcoholic but I think at one point I very easily could have been on the verge. Back to those teen angst years, again. Now, alcohol is synonymous with poker night. Woo Hoo! I like to get a little schnockered every now and again – as long as it’s in good company. [grin]

Alice – as “in Wonderland”. I wanted to be her when I was a kid. The idea of falling down a rabbit hole was just too cool!

Anticipation – what’s not to love about anticipation? The itchy, tingly, butterflies in the pit of your stomach sensation of impatience for something you know will be the Best. Thing. Ever.

Aroused – sexy, sexy word.

Antsy – me again. I find it hard to keep still.

Art – I have an ongoing love affair with art. My favorite artists – VanGogh and Monet – although I’m also partial to Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, who did some amazing Scottish stag paintings.

Ambition – a personality trait I’m quite fond of – as long as it doesn’t go overboard, turning into greed.

Allowed – a word I abhor. I hate being told what I am or am not “allowed” to do.

Authority – Hah. I have latent issues with this. Probably because…

Authoritative – I am. Sometimes too much so.

Adrienne – someone I love and miss very much. I can’t wait until November, Pixie!

Arabian – I grew up riding, showing, and breeding these gorgeous creatures. Flighty? Yes, sometimes. Stupid? Dog no! I don’t know where that myth came from. They have the neatest personalities. So much so, I shopped and shopped until I found a lovely Arabian/Dutch Warmblood cross a few years ago. She’s a doll.

Acceptance – something everyone should learn how to give to others.

Aloof – I’ve been accused of being aloof from time to time. I’m not. I just happened to be deep in conversation with the people in my brain.

Whew! That's quite a list of words. Y'all join in.
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