After blogging the other day, I told the wallow: "Wallow, it's time to go now. I'm revoking your visiting privileges because I can't look at myself in the mirror." And then I called Wahoo, my soul sister, and had a long chat involving lots of laughing. When I hung up the phone, feeling loads better, I settled in to watch a riveting American Idol. During one of the many unbelievably Annoying Commercial Breaks, the wallow whispered in my ear, "Sorry toots. I'm not going anywhere. I kinda like it here." So. Wallow has decided to take a vacation at Club Dragonfly and I find myself still swimming in it. Like an alcoholic in a bathtub full of green jello shots.

Just three more days until Mr. Clean returns home. Hopefully not contaminated with bird flu. He seems awfully proud of his new vegetarian diet. I, of course, don't fall for this line of thinking. I realize he doesn't want me to worry but he sort of ruined the Vegan thing by asking what I thought about meeting him at a steakhouse directly after he gets off the plane.

He called last night to check on things. His timing couldn't have been better. The spawnlings were arguing. The Lost episode I'd been waiting for all week turned out to be a 2 hour special of Repeat. WTF?! (Where's That stinking Fruitbat?) Poor guy. I'm afraid I took out my pent up neurosis on him.

In other news: Doodlebug has a vocal performance tonight. Can I just say that while I love watching my kiddo on stage (even if the last few times he got up there, he did not SING with the rest of the kids! This after bragging about his singing abilities for the days leading up to the big night)... I absolutely detest the fact that I KNOW we won't get out of there until after bedtime. I think this is so unfair to the parents. The kids? They love it. Woo Hoo, late bedtime! I'd rather staple my fingers together, seeing as how I'll be the one having to drag them kicking and screaming from their cozy little nests in the morning.

It's a western performance (since the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo is just around the corner), so we spent most of the evening searching for Doodlebug's bandana. We cannot find the one he needs. It's green and plain. You're average everyday bandana. Except. It's missing. It's disappeared into the great pit of Doodlebug. The only one we Can find is a bright purple number that has Crown Royal written all over it. I just don't think the elementary school would appreciate my 8 year old posing as a walking billboard for booze. Doodlebug doesn't agree. In his mind, it's simply a cool piece of fabric. I told him, "No, we have to find the green one." His reaction? An astounding example of a conniption fit (but nothing like the one which occurred after he was summarily sent to bed). Sans cleaning room. I had to approach his bed this morning as though walking through a minefield. Goodness only knows when a particularly sharp Lego is just waiting to stab you in the foot at 6:30 a.m.

And Shaggy? [rolling eyes] He's consistently see-sawing between being so helpful I have to wonder what he wants.... and then pretending like he doesn't understand what help is, or how to spell it even. Because, you Know... kids at his age are just SO busy. With homework? Umm, no. That was finished on the bus. Ohhh, with chores then, right? Ahhh NO. That would be a miracle in itself. Hmm... so what's keeping him so busy? Apparently, this involves sitting in front of his computer for Hours, telling it how stupid it is because the graphic card is doing something wonky. And we all Know that wonky graphic cards take a much higher precedence than taking the trash out or cleaning your plate off the dinner table! (they do not take precedence over torturing your younger brother, however)

After all the drama was handled last night, I settled in for some couch wallowing - with popcorn and chocolate covered cherries for dinner. Those who know me will realize just how bad it is now. For those that don't: I LOVE chocolate. If chocolate were a guy, we'd never get out of bed and I'd probably walk funny for the rest of my life. BUT it's not a guy so I savor it in tiny, tiny proportions. I'm weird like that. I have a box of Dark Chocolate Cappuccino straws. They are DE-lish. I've had it for a month, and it's still half full. I might have one tiny finger-length straw per day - if that. So last night? I polished off so many individually wrapped chocolate covered cherries, I made myself sick. I went to bed with Great Stomach Anger. I probably won't be able to look at another one of those for a year now. They're ruined for me. (Yeah... who am I kidding? I'm really thinking they might make a good lunch)

My favorite chocolate? Black Forest Truffles.... or Amaretto Truffles. Does anyone know where I can find just these in a box? I can only find them in individuals. I want a BOX of them. Preferably Fed-Ex'd for dinner tomorrow.
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